The poor plan you follow is better than the perfect plan you don’t

We keep trying to over-optimize our lives. It’s not efficient to run for 5 minutes, you either get your heart rate to X beats per minute or you don’t burn fat. You have to have X type of link to your site or it doesn’t help you get to the top. Let me be clear, your goal is to constantly improve. Getting to the top should and always will be a moving target.

If you want to increase your sales every step you take to get more prospects is perfect. If your goal is to improve your site’s ranking every link you get is doing the job. Stop trying to overthink everything. Start taking action, and start now. Jim Rohn Said once that no matter where you are going you will get there in ten years. So where are you going to be in ten years?


Get off the bench and start playing

This world rewards actions, not intent. Too many of my friends are caught in the trap of learning too much and not using any of it. It’s easy to learn but when you try to implement you might make mistakes. And they are not willing to take that chance. This could be you too.

How many people who are dumber got farther in life than you? How many people that are not half as good as you are living a better life? Overthinking is putting you on the bench full time, while others are taking action.

What are you afraid of? what is the worst that can happen? I’d like you to check out this TED talk by Tim Ferriss. In it he explains how he deals with fear, it helped me a lot.  I hope it will do the same for you.



What’s more profitable? Joining a freelance platform or starting your own business?

It’s always the same when we start a business. Getting customers is the first big challenge we face. Seemingly freelance platforms solve this problem, or do they? Freelance platforms connect you with potential clients, but those clients are looking for suckers. They are looking for professionals just like you to do the job at the lowest possible price.

Yes, you will most likely make more money there than working in Macdonalds, but is that really what you’re looking for?  Regardless how you start getting clients is going to take some time. And building credibility is way more effective than selling yourself to the lowest bidder.

Instead, start building a community of prospects that will join you to get free stuff. It could be advice, short videos or short calls. Add them to an email list to keep in touch with them and advertise to them. When you have prospects that are already looking for your service and goods, it makes sense that they will convert to clients better than a random group.

If you were to advertise to a random group of let’s say, 1,000 people, as appose to advertising to a group of 1,000 prospects that are interested in your brand. Which group do you think would convert better?

And the best part is that you set your own prices. When it’s your own business you set the rules and you decide how much you charge per hour. Remember, don’t get excited to get more work, get excited to get more money.

Is Bitcoin mining profitable?

Bitcoin mining is all over the net at the time of writing this post. But is it even profitable? What do you even do? How much can you profit?

Let start off with the understanding that this is a business like any other. You have the cost of operating this business. The cost of the mining computer or computers. and the potential profits. And the more miners the less you earn.

The process of mining is collecting information about every transaction that is done in bitcoins all over the world. and verifying the blocks (a part of the ledger of transactions). If you google the potential profits you should make 0.00001406 bitcoins a week. At the time of writing this post, a bitcoin is worth $16,450, so that will be about $0.23 a week. I’m sure that just the electricity will cost more than that.

If a bitcoin will ever get to 100K you will make $1.40 a week, still not enough to cover costs. And you have to ask yourself what are the chances a bitcoin will even reach $100,000? Whenever you start a business you have to take into account the worst case scenario. What will happen if everything goes wrong? How will you pay your bills? And only if the worst case will allow you to keep your head above water you consider getting started. Of course, you will most likely do better, but you can’t risk your future in the hope that things will go well.


Plan B

Too many of us think that our plans will work out the way we want. That the world will react just the way we thought it would and we will be millionaires. The sad truth is that it doesn’t work out that way. You will hit a brick wall, and it would be better to play safe then have to close your business.

So how do you play safe? You have a plan B. That means that if you have a store and no clients are coming in, you open an eBay or Shopify store. If the clients won’t come to you, you need to go to them.

Why stop there? Make sure to create other income sources that will cover your behind in case your business is hitting a rough patch. Donald Trump was asked about one of his failing companies once. His reply was “So what? my other 50 companies are doing really well”. Turns out there are things we can learn from the president.

Don’t give yourself an out

Procrastination is a real problem, a problem we don’t admit we have. The reason we all have to deal with procrastination is that we give ourselves an out. If it’s exercise we say we will start tomorrow, or that we just got home from work. The excuses are endless.

It’s the same with work, I’ll call the client after lunch or after I make myself a cup of coffee. And then another excuse comes up. The only way to deal with this is to take care of the issues we put off the most in the most uncomfortable times.

Exercise just when you are wearing that new shit you don’t want to sweat in, that’s what washing machines are for. Call that client five minutes before you have to go home. Once you take this anti procrastination to the extream, an excuse like I’ll call that clients after lunch seems to stupid. Just do it now so you can get on to the next client.

People criticize too much

Is it just me? Or are people too critical? It’s not that they voice their opinions that bothers me, it’s the fact that they can’t do a better job and still allow themselves to complain.

I like comic book movies, and I agree that Marvel is doing a better job than DC. But everyone online talks about what DC should have done with every movie they produce. These people don’t have a 300 million dollar budget to make a film or the experience the directors in question have.

But it doesn’t end there, these people think they know your business better than you do. They have a complaint about every step you take but do nothing to start their own business. I can’t tell people how to live their lives, but if someone tells me how to do my job not having done it himself. I tell him to shut the fuck up.