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A leader never has to say he’s the leader

Have you ever worked with someone who is so full of himself, that he kept reminding everyone he’s the manager? Do you think people respected him? I don’t.

 The true characteristics of a leader

 A leader is someone who makes sure everything is running according to schedule, he knows everyone and what their strengths and weaknesses are. So he can mix up his team to get the required result. He never “flashes his badge” and reminds the team he’s the leader. He doesn’t have to.

 Another important factor of being a leader is that you lead from within the group. You don’t just close your office door and yell out instructions. You are on the grounds running with your unit, every day is a new battle, and he’s ready to face it head on.

 Notice that in the best restaurants you will always see the manager on the floor with the waiters. making sure everyone has done his or her job, backing them up as needed.

 This reminds me of a story Napoleon Hill told once. When he met Andrew Carnegie. Mr. Carnegie confessed that he knows nothing about steel. He doesn’t know how to mine it, smelt it, or do anything else with it. But he was the owner of the biggest steel company in the U.S.

When Hill asked what he actually does in his company, Carnegie replied I make sure everyone gets alone with everyone else.


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