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Constructing a bonus structure 

In today’s market, you need to work with partners. Those partners are called affiliates. An affiliate is basely someone who gets you a sale, an act or contact information from someone interested in your product. Working with affiliates can help you business explode (in a good way).

One thing you have to keep in mind, they don’t know your business as well as you do. They just know what they have to do. If you hired an affiliate to get people to sign up for your newsletter that’s all they are focusing on. But what if you can get more out of this relationship?

Working with multi level commissions

You can bypass the mailing list, but you still want to engage with potential customers. Implementing a multi level commission can help you improve your process. Lets say that the next step in your funnel is to sell a cheap product. You can pay a larger commission for a lead that signs up for the newsletter and buys the product.

An example would be $1 for the signup and another $1 for the sale. Doing that will make your affiliate concentrate an a demographic that might do both actions. By doing that your conversion rate will go up.

For a relatively cheap price you can get new visitors engaging with your content. From there the sale will be much easier. Don’t forget, if the visitors but a cheap product it covers the cost of the affiliate. Allowing you to offer more commissions and get a lot more traffic.


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