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Set it and forget it

There are many things that needlessly waist your time. To maximize your potential you have to focus on things that will get you closer to your goal. While having things that can be automated or handled by someone else. Two things that make my life easier are gmail and if this then that.


 Lets start with Gmail first. Gmail is (in my opinion) the best email client so far. it allows you to pull off some awesome time saving automation easily. In this post I will focus on my favorite one, the filters.

 Filters allow you to specify what email you want to have sent to a specific folder so it doesn’t clutter up your inbox. You can create custom labels for family, work, newsletters etc. And have those emails arrive at those specific folders.

 The more you use filters the more addictive it will be. Just imagine opening your inbox in only finding four or five emails there.

If this then that

 The second automation tool I want to share is if this then that. So far it’s a free service and it allows you to automate almost anything you can imagine. From sending your spouse a message every time you go to the market, to controlling your smart home it does it all.



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