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A different kind of customer

Do you have to deal with annoying clients? Do you feel that you’re giving them way more than they deserve? Did you ever wonder why that is?

 There will always be clients who complain, criticize, and Basically just waste your time. These clients have nothing better to do then to make sure they got the most they possibly can for the price they paid. But you have a secret weapon. One that repels them like kryptonite, you’re pricing structure.

 You see, those clients are so good at complaining that they have little time for anything else. There for, if you raise you’re prices they can’t afford to work with you. Notice that when you go to an expensive restaurant you will not see people complaining or behaving in a manner that is not suitable. Clients that can afford the higher prices don’t have the time to complain, they won’t take the time. If they don’t like what you have to offer they will not come back.

 Although this is not the result you’re looking for, this will give you the time and space you need to progress.

 How can you find just the right price?

Having a higher price range will get you better customers, but if you’re prices are too high you might not have any customers at all. So how do you know what the sweet spot is? Test it.

 When you just start out you will want to have a price that will attract new customers. That price will most likely be low. start increasing the price gradually, allowing your good customers to keep paying the lower price to keep them happy (feel free to increase the price for unwanted customers). This system will filter out the customers that waist your time and allow them to waist you’re competitors time (killing two birds with one stone).

 Keep this up, increasing the price just a little each time (no more the 5% to 10%). Until you feel you have the client base you’re looking for. From that points increase the price only when it’s necessary.


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