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Focus on what matters

If you ask someone what they want their life to be like. They will just tell you what they don’t want. Sadly they keep getting those same things. Did you ever stop to think why?

 Our internal GPS system

 Our subconscious mind is literally a super computer, there to do what ever we ask of it. But what do we do with it? We feed it with all the things we don’t want. And just like a computer it doesn’t filter our commends just brings them to us. The subconscious mind does not filter good or bad, right and wrong it just does what it’s told.

 Why do we focus on the things we don’t want?

 While it’s the weaker and slower part of our brain. The conscious mind controls us most of the time. Basically we have to deal with poor logic (like the dmv). And the conscious mind focuses on keeping us alive. So all it cares about is what we don’t want.

All it focuses on is “what if I fall down the stairs, what if that check bounces” and keeps those fears in our mind like a broken record.

 So how do we get past the bouncer?

 Misdirection is the  best way to get through the conscious mind and give orders directly to the subconscious. We do that by tiring the conscious mind. We do things that seem repetitive allowing the conscious mind to let it’s guard down. One way to do this is by writing down your positive affirmations.

 Another way is to keep asking questions. When meeting something that seems impossible, asking if it really is impossible, why, how can you change that etc. Shows the conscious mind that your stuck in one place and if not in immediate danger it will stop monitoring your thoughts allowing them to access the subconscious.

 The subconscious being at our service is now faced with the task of finding answers. And ultimately bring the things we want back to us. And it’s power is limitless, it can attract money, people, jobs what ever you can think of. Just tell your subconscious what you want and notice how things start to work out.

Another tip I can offer you is to be patient. Things don’t always happen as fast as you may want. But keep focusing on what you want and if you are persistent long enough you will get it.


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