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Get your team to work together

When you just start out, your doing all the work. The sales, the marketing and the managing. But with time you have to find team members or employees to do certain jobs that will take a load off you. The problem with that is that every one of the team members is looking out for himself, not taking into account the the company as a whole needs to get it’s goals.

 You will find this contest happening between sales and marketing. Both departments seem to think they are separate from each other and both seem to be offering the same deals. If a customer gets a deal from the marketing department, getting the same deal from the sales isn’t going to help you close the sale. And it get even worse, in some companies certain sales reps give out better deals then others. Allowing them to make more sales, and it’s understandable.

 If someone offered you the same product or service for less money, would you still pay more? I don’t think so!

 Make sure your entire team is on the same page. Don’t look like an idiot in front of your customers.


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