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Meet your fears head-on

We have many fears, and sadly many of them trigger our fight or flight mechanism. They cause us to fold just when we need to focus. And miss out on many opportunities. People think that high achievers don’t feel fear but that’s not true. They simply condition themselves to feel the fear and do what is needed anyway.

 One of the best ways to do that is to decrease the fear’s effect on you. To do that you need to look to the future and think what is the worst that can happen. Imagine that the worst situation happened. What would you do now? You still have all your experience, you can get back up on your feet faster then you did before. So the worst case is something you can always come to terms with.

I don’t know if you’re a religious person. But it is said that you only get challenges you can handle. Looking at it from that point of view will help you understand that you are stronger then you think.

Now that you have come to terms with it, you have to start working on a backup plan. Knowing that you can handle anything isn’t enough, you have to calculate what you’re going to do after the worst has happened. Will you need to change jobs? pivot in your business?

Having a clear plan will make you unstoppable. So make sure to have a backup plan for anything.



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