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Pros and cons

When we think about pros and cons we usually think of taking a vacation. Should we spend the money, should we take the days off, etc. But in our business we neglect this simple procedure.

 When I say that I mean we allow emotions to cloud our judgment. And we don’t pay nearly enough attention to the facts. Facts like: is this profitable? Am I utilizing my time correctly? Am I losing money?

 We tend to over complicate things, when all we needed to do is just answer a few questions. Questions like: what is better option A? Or option B?

 I’ll give you an example from my experience. I have been in sales for almost 20 years. And in that time I worked at quite a few companies. My decision to leave one company and go work for another was simple: my base salary + bonuses. In a sales position bonuses are very important as they can be the larger portion of the base salary.

 When I was offered a better position I had to take into account the base the new company would pay me because it would take some time to build up my client base. That means the first month would have very little bonuses, and I wanted to make sure I don’t lose potential profits.

 I would compare the base I get from both companies, and the market. I wanted to find out what my potential in the new company was (I already knew what the potential was with my current employer). And based on that calculation I made my decision.

 At the end of the day if your employer’s salary structure is not allowing you to make enough money, it doesn’t matter how nice he is. You might find yourself out of the job, and you have to look out for yourself.


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