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The copy paste mentality

Computers have made our lives easier. But with that we have become lazy. We look for ways to make our lives so easy that we sometime don’t stop and think about what we are doing.

 I’m talking about the habit of copy paste. Although there are places where it can benefit us, some of us just take it too far. And if we continue this it will lead us to a place where creativity will no longer exist.

 Where does this pay off?

 When you look at someone who has gotten a result you would like to get yourself, and copy his actions. You will most likely get the same results. This is one of the reasons we have schools. If one person learned to read and write, and that person made better decisions. It is logical that if we all do it, we would all make better choices.

 This is where we cross the line

 Copying a successful business would have the same result. But copying their exact material will only help us get sued. I see to many small businesses copying materials from other organisations and changing a few sentences, calling it their own.

 Besides the moral and legal issues this creates. The next worst result is that you are copying what someone else wrote based on their experience. When asked any question on the matter you cannot give a real answer. You can only quote the text you copied.

 This will show your customers that you didn’t really do the work. This will hurt your reputation and any future business you may have gotten. And when you decide to do the work for yourself you start from square one. Because you haven’t learned anything.



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