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The reason an entrepreneur is not employable

Do you find yourself switching jobs more often than you change socks? If so, you probably have an entrepreneurs mindset. And while it is a good thing, it’s going to make working for somebody else a living hell.

 People with an entrepreneur’s mindset read and learn regularly. Something that your employer may not do. Forcing you to take orders from someone with way less knowledge.  I know that you still need to put food on the table, and I’m not telling you to leave your job. But it is going to be hard for you, seeing other people implement things that Have not worked for you in the past.

 I have run into that situation more times and I would care to admit. And ultimately I found some of the managers I left working as employees in my next job. It’s not because I’m the ultimate salesman. It simply because the numbers didn’t make sense.

 So what do you do about it?

 You can get along with an eight hour shift, biting your tongue just getting through the day. You have to have a side project. Even if that’s side project isn’t making you any money. You need it simply to vent.

 Another thing you can do, is invest. Whether it’s your time or your money. Do something that will allow you to leave that workplace.


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