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Exceed your client’s expectations

No matter what field you choose in business, there will always be a lot of competition. The main focus of your competitors is always going to be their prices. So you have to attack a subject they will not think of, your service. When you provide the best service your competitors don’t stand a chance for two reasons. First they will most likely won’t put in the effort. And second they focus on the prices so long that focusing on support is too expensive for them now.

 Action steps:

 To be the best you have to anticipate your clients need before they even know it themselves. I understand that you are not a mind reader, but you are not going to get thousands of customers at the same time. During you interactions with your customer notice when a certain request keeps coming up. Add that request to your workflow with the next customer. They won’t know how you where able to anticipate their needs, but they will love you for it.

 Keep monitoring the cost of those services. If they end up too expensive you can always sell them as an added feature. Do this only if the feature is not cost effective to do for free. And even when you charge, just the fact you anticipated their need will place you way ahead of your competitors.


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