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3 reasons to teach what you have just learned

I want to show you how teaching other people what you have just learned will make you a better student. But before that I want you to understand how it increases you’re learning speed and retention of the material.

 Think of what you will do if you could learn three times, four times or even 10 times faster than you do now. You could earn more money, make your business more efficient, improve your relationships etc.

 So how do you learn faster and retain the information?

 Study like you’re giving a lecture on the subject

 When you learn something new, imagine that you’re going to give a lecture on it the following day. Learning with the intention of teaching it will cause you to pay more attention. Understanding the material much better, because you don’t want to look like an idiot when you’re giving the lecture.

 Teaches many people as you can

 By going over the information again and again. You not only remember the information longer, you start bringing up things you have learned and have not noticed so far.

 Convert information to experience

 Not everybody will agree with you. Some of the people you’re going to teach are going to argue with the new information. It doesn’t really matter who’s right and wrong. This argument will cause you to develop your own opinion on the material.

 Challenging what you have just learned, and finding ways to implement it. Will basically convert information you just learned and to experience.


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