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Change the game

New businesses usually look to their competitors not only to prices their products. They also what to know what level of service they provide their customers. The reason copying somebody else might be a bad idea is, they might be idiots.

 It’s amazing to see how many businesses don’t calculate their prices correctly. Then have their price structure copied. And then like a house of card the whole industry falls apart. This is true for service as well.

 What is the game?

 When you have a whole industry copying each other, the game is the price. To win business everyone tries to be cheaper then their competition (not knowing what their limits are). And eventually losing profits or worse, going into debt.

 How can you change the game?

 It’s so simple is funny so many businesses miss it. Just do something for your customers that the competition won’t. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, do something simple that any business can do. They simply won’t take the time to do it.

 Look for things that are missing, some service you would have liked to get as a customer. Does your industry give warranty (even a short one)? Do they follow up with their clients after they buy? And it doesn’t have to be something to do with your field.

 I heard of a car mechanic that loves to cook. So he would make a big pot of food every day, giving it out for free to his clients while they wait for their cars to be ready. Think out of the box, and you will win the game your competition doesn’t even know is on.


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