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Don’t believe everything you think

Your mind is constantly playing games with you. It loves a challenge, and if it can’t find one it creates it. When you try something new you self confidence is never 100%. You always worry about what can go wrong.

 I heard a ted talk recently about the way the mind works. Our best guess at the moment is that the mind tries to predict future events and deal with them as they come up. For example: you see stairs, you mind thinks if I don’t do this just right I might fall and hurt myself.

 You don’t notice this because you have been doing it your whole life. What you do notice is the bigger goals. You want to increase your income, and for that you need to create a new stream of cash flow. You mind will instantly find all the things that can go wrong.

 It’s your job to tell the difference between the software running in the background to protect you (your self doubt). And the steps you have to take to make sure everything works out just right. Not planning out the details will keep you in the loop of things that can go wrong, and once you get sucked into it breaking free will be very hard.


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