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Get in the habit of giving compliments

In any interaction with other people you have to get them to like you. it doesn’t matter if we are talking about a new client, a business partner or your future mate. To do that you need to break down the wall of awkwardness. You see, people are very self-conscious. Doesn’t matter what kind of show they put on, they always think the deal being judged.

 To help them Break that pattern, you need to show them that you’re just like them. Before you can even do that, you need to take down their defenses. When giving a compliment about something real, you make the other person feel comfortable in their own skin. Sadly, not something they feel all the time.

 Another tip, try to stay away from the obvious. For example, if it’s a beautiful woman don’t compliment her looks. Everybody does that and it starts to feel unoriginal. Instead focus on something she does, the way she talks, her ideas or anything else that doesn’t have to do with appearance.

 Don’t do this too often. Just get in the habit complementing when the other person earns it.


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