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How a promotion can hold you back?

We would all like to believe that we can do any job, but that’s not always the case. Everyone has a different reason to go after a promotion. But are they the right reasons? And what would happen to you if you got it? How would you adapt to the new position?

 How can a promotion set you back?

 Let’s say your a salesman, you doing well shattering you record every single month. And with that every month you make more money. Your boss calls you to his office and decides to promote you to sales manager. He wants you to teach the other salesmen how to be more like you. Easier said then done.

 Your first problem is that you’re going to make less money. Even with the bigger base, The percentage you make on the sales team does not cover your old commissions. And the harder you push them the lower the sales figures. In addition to that your out of your comfort zone. You’re used to being in front of the customer, now you’re dealing with sales reports and you so board you want to quit.

 What can you do instead?

 When offered the position ask to try it out on a smaller scale. Ask to be responsible for two to three salesmen. Go out to the field with then and start training them. Make sure to keep getting you commissions and get a percentage on their sales.

 Grow from there slowly. Don’t be in a rush the you can’t pay your bills with your ego.


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