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If you don’t want to lose customers, don’t force them to stay

Some habits are harder to kick then others. Like when we where children and had to go to sleep. We never want to have schedule forced on us. And when it comes to our money, telling us what to do will never get the desired result.

 My point is, your customer will not like it if you force them to stay with you against their will. Nobody likes to lose customers, but there’s a way to keep them with us without having to impose terms and conditions on them.

 One of my mentors used to say, that clients are like butterflies. If they like it here they will stay, if you try to keep them here against their will you might kill them. I had this happen to me a few days ago, I wanted to cancel a subscription for a service I used, and the process was so hard. I had to google the cancellation method. Do you think I will ever go back there?

 Keep that in mind, your customers are like butterflies.


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