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M.B.W.A management by wandering around

The biggest problem business owners have is lack of knowledge. Especially when it comes to what happens in real time. They are constantly in meetings, thinking up tactics, not even noticing if what they implemented works. The numbers can give you some information but not all of it. The only way to truly understand your business is to be there and see everything.

 In his book “in search of excellence” Tom Peters describes this as M.B.W.A, management by wandering around. As he describes it, this is the manager who are on the sales floor. In the factory, and making sure the product and service his business offers are the best he can offer.

 Seeing in real time what works and what doesn’t. Getting a feel for what would improve the process. Understanding if new equipment is needed, more work power or just better advertising. Too many companies are managed by numbers, at the end of the day your workers are people with needs. And when they feel that you are looking out for them they will work harder.

 In fact it has been proven over and over again that an employee will work harder for someone he respects, then for someone who pays him more. Don’t be one of those managers who look at your business from a distance, hit the ground running with you men. Start managing your business from the front line.


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