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Stand up for yourself

We’ve all seen this happen at our work place. Someone who doesn’t seem to have the spine to stand up to the boss. Someone who does way more then they have to, and gets no credit for it. It’s usually a person with potential, if he only had the courage he would leave his job and go somewhere else. But he never makes a move.

 As long as we will stand for low wages. As long as we will agree to work in horrible conditions this will never stop. And why should it? If we don’t complain why would anything change?

 the only way to get out of this prison is to carve you own path

 Your boss can decide how much he’s willing to pay you. But he will never decide how much money you will make. Do some freelance work, start a business, invest the opportunities are endless. Do something that will give you the confidence that your bases are covered. That no matter what the bills are paid, even if you leave your job.

 With that confidence you will no longer keep your head down. You will finally stand up for yourself.


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