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A house trained dog will not survive in the wild

One of my favorite books on sales, is from the rich dad collection. It’s called Sales dogs, and the idea of the book is to categories salesmen to five breeds of dogs. It’s so accurate you will find a breed that will describe you perfectly.

 The thing is, knowing what breed you are is only half the equation. You have to be ready for the streets. Sales is a hard position to fill, and if your not ready for it your not going to get far.

 We have a bad habit when we hire new employees. We use human resource managers. I think Scott Adams described it best when he said. “HR managers are like cats, they don’t really care if you live or die. They just want to play with you before it happens.”

 And that’s the problem. HR managers have a tendency to break down new employees. It’s not their fault, it’s their training. They are trained to find the employee that is most likely to stay in the company no matter what happens. AKA a broken worker.

 I call them broken workers because they will take all the abuse they are dealt and do nothing. This might be acceptable for a factory worker (if you have no soul that is). But an effective salesman will never be one of those broken workers, he will always have an opinion. He will always argue, that’s what makes him a good salesman.


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