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Get to the point

The more you talk the bigger the chance you will say something stupid. It’s not your fault when we sell or write we want to get our message across. Sometimes a client gets the point and asks what the next step is.

 We have to noticed this otherwise we might screw up the sale. It’s also the same when writing content. Whether it’s for your own blog, an e-mail you’re sending to a client etc. When the client understands and we keep talking, it only raises new questions or things that he’s not sure of.

 In writing this may lead to the reader leaving our site, because we’re just too boring. Many times we write so much that we completely miss the point. I recently wrote an article about pricing strategies. When I researched the matter, I found a lot of sites who wrote about pricing strategies.

 However many of them didn’t address the point. They talked about the $.99 Price, they talked about what works for gigantic companies. And is nice as that is, I believe that when a new business owner looks for an article on pricing strategies he wants to know how to calculate the price for his product.

 Only one sight I found out of about 20 or 30 addressed the issue. When talking to a client or writing content, make sure you get to the point. Otherwise your clients might lose patients and move on.


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