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Getting through to your client

We tend to think that the things that are clear to us are also clear to our clients. That is usually not the case. Not only are we not understood, sometimes the clients make up their own meaning.

 For example: let’s assume that you build websites for your clients. Your clients can range from many different fields, and their needs can change. In addition to that you work in your office not in their business place. Therefore they can’t see what you’re doing, you have to assume they don’t trust you. Because every disagreement will bring up the fact that they don’t know what you’re doing.

 The solution

 Let’s say that you have a client who sells plumbing equipment online. He most likely has thousands of products, and he needs all those products on the site. Let’s also assume that you Charge $60 per hour and you are able to add six new items an hour to his site.

 Described in full exactly what that means. How many photos will you upload? Text, buttons, links etc. Be as specific as possible, dividing the $60 to six products. When you charge a client $10 for each page or product to upload he can see the results. If you make your work quantifiable he can’t argue with you because you have proof.

 Being clear with your clients builds trust. And trust brings more business.


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