When people talk about success, they usually mean getting rich.  Only you can determine what your definition of success is. Take Robin Williams for instance.

 Watching his successful career, you think the man had everything he ever wanted.  The tragic way he ended his life proves otherwise. We all think of success is getting rich for one basic reason. We have to much to worry about in our own lives. And we define success is something that takes a load off.

 A successful person doesn’t have to worry about paying his bills. He can get up whenever he wants. He’s not stressed out at work. And his family life is perfect.

 We can all have that. We just need to know what the components are. For instance, how much money we need to live a more peaceful life. And gradually once we are not overburden. We can become successful ourselves.

It’s great to dream, just make sure you don’t convince yourself that your dreams are unattainable.