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Your word is all you have

In 1998 I was offered a position is a PC technician in the computer lab. The owner offered me salary of $1300 a month, with the promise he will raise it to $2000 with in a few months. The job description included fixing computers, and notifying the customers when the job was done.

 What actually happened was, I fixed computers, did the sales (for both home and Business clients). In addition to that I had to make sure the customers actually pay. 10 months went by, and I approached the owner asking him when I will get my raise.

 His response was that he wasn’t really satisfied with my work. We agreed that he would find somebody to replace me, so that that I will teach that someone how to do my job. After two weeks of instruction my replacement was ready to take over. I left the lab, and proceeded working with personal clients (clients that I had before I ever started working at the lab).

 The night of the first day I was working on my own, the owner calls me. Asking what he can do to get me to come back. My Response was simply do what you promised. Pay me the $2000 a month and I’ll come back. He did and I ended up working for another 11 years with him.

 I know, I had him in a position where I could’ve asked for more. But my point is, finding an employee and teaching him will cost you a lot of time and money. Once you have the right person in place trying to manipulate him for a few dollars is just not worth it.

 Think about that when dealing with your team. Sometimes a raise, especially one you offered. Is better than finding somebody else.


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