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Don’t set the standards, meet the needs

This horrible disease usually infects big companies. Trying to create a new standard every few months, and driving customers mad in the process.

 Many software companies implement this way of thinking. Causing you to have to learn every version of their software all over again. I’m sure you’ve run into this before so there’s no point dragging it on anymore.

 Instead of trying to set the standard, Focus on meeting your clients needs. Keep in touch with them, ask them what improvements they are looking for. Don’t assume to know what they are thinking, this always backfires.

 The main difference between you in the big companies, is that they corner the market. People are just too lazy to learn how to use other products. Adapting yourself to clients needs rather than having them adapt to you. Would increase your sales faster than you can ever imagine.

 Having said that, make sure to find a good balance. Meaning, don’t go too far out of your way to meet their needs. That it is no longer profitable for you. Just make sure the transition to your products is as easy as possible. If it makes scene to change convincing people to use your products will be much easier.


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