I know many of you would like to start but just don’t know how. Whether it’s what to do, acquiring the skills you need or just confidence building. It’s just a matter of having a process.

 One of the keys you have to master when starting a new business is the process. Whether the process means getting new leads, selling the product, creating a product etc. You first has to develop that process then scale it.

 One example I keep repeating is the point I was fixing computers. I needed to find new clients. There’re a couple of processes I used to do that. The first was flyers in the mailbox. I started writing down how many flyers I gave out and how many clients I got in the process. The second process used was customer referrals.

 I gave each customer one free hour of my service, for every new customer he refers to me and pays for at least one hour. This process got me three clients that never had to pay for my services. Those three clients built up most of my client base.

 Once you have the process in place, once you know what works you can start to scale it. Scaling it just means doing the same thing over and over to get the same results. And  controlling how much money you make in the process.