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Don’t just do more, do what’s important

We like to feel like we’re getting stuff done, so we keep ourselves busy. So busy that sometimes we don’t do what’s important. We do things like check our email, over analyse charts and attend unnecessary meetings.

 We don’t focus and What’s really important for the day. Meaning, if there are two or three things that if we got done today it would be considered a good day. Those are the important things And they need to be done first.

 Don’t be afraid to take long breaks, or Just seem available in the office. As long as you get the important things out of your way, you win. To make sure you do them start off your day journaling. Write down the three most important things you have to get done today. Rank them from the hardest to the easiest.

 Until you achieve those three things nothing else matters. Your emails, charts, reports and meetings we’ll have to wait. Start from the hardest first. Your willpower is limited just like any other resource. If you get the hardest things done first it’s all downhill from there. Trust me you don’t want to be fighting an uphill battle throughout your day.

The hardest thing is not necessarily the thing that annoys you most, like doing your taxes. I’m talking about the project it has the most components and will take up most of your time. Maybe it will require assistance from other people. Just get it done, when you already have a win doing the rest will be much easier.


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