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Think globally, work locally

If you have been reading this blog for a wile you know that I encourage you to test yourself. But I also Tell you to set the bar low. So what’s the deal, right? As a business owner you have to learn to look at both sides of the spectrum.

 When you plan, plan far and plan big. When you do the work (in your everyday life) forget all that and focus on the task at hand. When you just start out you have to do it all. You have to manage and get your hands dirty.

 While you do both jobs you learn what you should expect. That means if you have a certain daily output when you do the work yourself. When you hire someone to do the same work you have something to compare them to. No employee can lie to you because you know what to expect.

 So remember, allow yourself to dream. But when you walk through the door, think only of today and how to get the small win.


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