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Get in the habit of doing things on the spot

How many times did you forget to do something? You know you could have done it on the spot, but you wanted to wait. You had “better things to do”. Dose your trash smell like there’s a corpse in there? Do you have clients you need to call?

 Stop putting off things you can do right now. Start getting things done on the spot and you will find that you do more then you ever thought you could. I have that problem in my personal life. At work I do things as soon as I can, And I out perform many of my colleagues. Not because I’m better, but because I take action.

 In my personal life I still need to work on that. I can leave a messy kitchen for days. And while it gets on my nerves I still do it. Time to start taking my own advice. I’m off to clean my kitchen, what are you going to do?


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