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Keep it simple stupid

The biggest mistake you can ever make in your business is driving away customers. And there’s no better way to do that then make your product complicated. A great example is the contrast between apple and Microsoft.

 Have you ever known a mac user that has gone back to windows? I haven’t. Don’t get me wrong, there are people so lazy they won’t take the time to learn a new system. These are the people that say they love windows.

 Mac users got so used to having to take less steps to reach their goals, that they can never go back. And that’s how apple makes users fall in love with it’s products. How can you translate this to your business?

 Go through the process like you’re a new client. Find ways of making the process shorter, easier to understand. Act as if you know nothing about your field. What can you do to make your clients life easier? Just ask them.


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