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Money is not always the solution 

Money just makes you an amplified version of what you already are. If you’re a disorganized person you will become so much worse. I’m not saying don’t make more money, I’m saying work on your attention to detail.

It’s sad to see people with money and no clue how to solve a problem. They will just keep throwing money at the problem, hoping for it to go away. And there will always be companies willing to take your money.

You will see this in every office, sales floor or factory. Useless computers, crappy phones and horrible marketing. It’s not that the owner isn’t willing to pay for the service, it’s that he’s not paying attention. It’s enough to have a basic understanding in one of those fields to understand what’s wrong.

There is however a very easy way to identify those problems

Hire a manager for each of them. I’m the last person to tell you to throw money at the problem. But if you have found a problem you can’t solve, find someone who can. Even though you are not an expert in the field you can keep tabs on those managers. Just by following the numbers you can monitor the improvement.

Lets say you’re running a call center and your average caller makes 100 calls a day. It’s not just a sign of laziness. A slow computer can drive anyone insane. After fixing the problem and maintaining it you should have an increase of 50% to 200% in your calls, and you’re sales. The reason I say 50% to 200% is that now that you have solved you bottle neck (the computer problem), it’s all up to your sales team.

It’s the same with the phone quality, the leads you get or anything else you want to improve.

And please don’t be one of those business owners that brands your disposable coffee cups, but doesn’t have working phone lines or computers. That’s just stupid!


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