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The hype might be gone but it still works

It’s all about the hype these days. All people care about is, what the new thing is going to be. But they are forgetting the the “old methods” still work. It’s great to try something new, but don’t stop using what already works.

 If you want to change at least check the conversion rates. To do that create a google docs spreadsheet, or and excel sheet. And write down what you have been doing and how well it works.

 For example: if you have been using an ad in the paper to advertise your products and they bring in work. Keep using that ad, just start following how well it converts and put it up against something you think will be more cost effective.

 Test the two for a period of at least 90 days. Then see witch one is doing better. If the result is not significantly better don’t abandon the old method. You can’t know in advance how it will Perform in the long term.

 If they both work well keep them both. I know this sounds like a no brainier, but you would be surprised how many businesses don’t take the time to monitor their results.


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