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The smart thing isn’t always the right thing

No matter how hard you work to make sure your clients are happy. There will always be those who are going to ask for more then you can give. There will always be clients that will like to push you and make you out to be the bad guy. It’s important that you keep your cool and not lower yourself to their level.

 Something like this happened to me when I was fixing computers. I had a client that I worked with for a few years. And her computer was a few years old, it was slow but I thought it still had a year in it. When she asked me if I think she should replace it I told her to hold off till it breaks down.

 A few days later she calls me, and tells me the computer doesn’t turn on. I tried changing parts but it didn’t respond. It seemed like the mother board was the problem. In such a case a new computer is required. Suddenly she forgot she asked me a few days earlier if it’s time to replace it. She started implying that the computer worked fine till I checked it out. And that something I did caused it to fail a few days later. And she threatened to sue me for the price of a new computer.

 I know that she had no case. I know that if we go to court she would get nothing. But I also knew that the bad PR would cause me more hassle then just getting her to cool off. I was able to build a working computer from parts I had at the lab. I gave it to her, and told her never to contact me again.

 Sometimes it’s better to lose a little money, then to lose your peace of mind. She wasn’t worth it, but I was.


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