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Invest in your education

Currency is not just dollars or yen. Currency is whatever you can use to get something else you want. And today the most powerful currency is information. The more knowledge you have the stronger you are.

 Just as you invest in your financial future, you have to invest in your education. And I don’t necessarily mean college, I mean investing in useful information you can use right now. I once heard a lecture that Brian Tracy gave. In it he explains how to invest profits back into yourself, to add more tools in your toolbox.

 As with anything else, don’t try to burden yourself with a commitment you can’t possibly deal with. Start off small, invest 5% of your profit back into yourself. It can be from your pay check or your businesses earnings.

 How to invest in yourself

 Education can mean different things to different people. Some prefer books, while other want to be in a classroom. Others might like to have a recorded class to learn at their pace. It doesn’t matter as long as you can get results.

You need to set a goal, as with anything else. What do you want to learn to do? Do you feel like you need to get better at your profession? Maybe you need help with sales, it doesn’t really matter what you learn as long as you’re constantly growing.

In time you will develop an appetite for more information. And the best part is that with every class you take, you will see a slight rise in your profits. This growth curve will allow you to invest more and more in yourself.


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