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It’s ok to be an amateur

No matter what field you’re  in, there is always someone who has beaten you to the punch. Someone who has their act together, and seems to know his job better  then you. Don’t forget he was an amateur at some point too.

 It’s easy to see what the big boys are doing and forget that everybody had a beginning. Yes things will be slower, but this is your time to learn. If you want to look at the big boys, look at what they can do better.

 One of my odd jobs was working for a pizza place. The owner had five stores at the time, and the one I was working for was around for about three years. When you pick up the phone to take an order, you could never hear the person on the other line. When you wanted to write down the order none of the pens worked.

 This is a stupid problem to have. But it happened because he neglected the small stuff. To be clear this guys making a lot of money. He knows how to bring in work, he knows the pricing, he knows every detail on how to get from point A to B. But that confidence and experience is causing him to miss the small things.

 Long story short, after I left the place he got computers and a better phone. I was a novice to this guy. I shouldn’t have been the one to correct him. But sometimes the amateurs can see things the big boys can’t. Take your time, learn your field, then go make a name for yourself.


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