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Learning from someone who’s only a few steps a head of you

We all dream of learning from the best, and that is understandable. However someone who has years of experience might not understand exactly what we’re going through now. Tim Farriss addressed this in one of his podcasts “the Tim Farriss show”. He talked about the four hour work week, his first book. And added that he might not have done as good a job today as he did then, for the reason that he was in a different place.

I’m not telling you to ignore the great teachers we have today, like Tim Farriss, Tony Robbins, Eben Pagan or any other. But I am telling you to learn from people around you that might not have gotten quite as far yet.

A good example is your boss. He wants to help you get the job done, but his advice comes from too far up and too long ago. Apposed to someone doing the same job as you are but looks at it from a different prospective.

A sales manager that has been doing exactly what your are doing today can not help you. He might have been getting great results but when he was on the sales floor there might have been no internet, and hardly any computers. Just those two things change the game dramatically.

People can check facts online while your still on the phone with them. And even if your selling in persons pulling out your iPhone a checking is not a problem. But a tip from a colleague like I just said so and so to this customer and it might get the job done.

Get in the habit of learning from people around you. Even if you’re working in the same field, or for the same company your experiences will never be exactly the same. Learning from somebody else’s point of view will allow you to slowly but gradually improve.

The main obstacle here is ego. You could actually be selling more than your colleague. If that is the case why should you even listen to him? Maybe your colleague is better with a certain type of client then you are? Maybe he gives better service? Whatever the case maybe tried to add as many new tools to your belt, that will allow you to perform better.

Another method of finding your weak spots, is simply asking the client himself. Why did you decide to buy for me? Why didn’t you buy? You will learn things you didn’t even think of. And soon patterns will start to emerge. You will be able to categories clients, and understand ahead of time how to approach them.


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