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Tomorrow is a new day

We all had that day that sucked so bad we don’t even want to come back to work tomorrow. A day when everything went wrong. When your just starting out you have more bad days then good. It sometimes seems like the universe is against you.

 The truth is, it’s not that bad. we over exaggerate. That being said, we all need a few ways of getting over this challenge. here are a few tips that can help you (they help me).

 Start meditating in the morning

 I just started using an app called calm. It’s just 10 minutes a day, but I feel a lot better on days I’ve used it. I’m going back to the office less concerned about what will happen today. And with my OCD that’s saying something.

 Another thing I like to do is track conversions

 I’m in sales and we all know that most of the conversations I have end with a no. This is hard for most people to deal with, but I found something that helps me a lot. I track my conversions.

 I count all the conversations I have and compare them to the sales I have made. That way I know how meany calls I have to make to get another sale. Even if the numbers are big, I still know that as long as I do the work, the sales will come.

 I hope this helps you as much as it helps me.


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