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Writing down positive affirmations 

There are two different ways to plan out your future. One is completely pragmatic, and the other is more “new age” (if you feel comfortable with the term). Writing down positive affirmations and high end goals are two of the most comment practices. Yes the numbers are important, but while testing the water is important it’s equally important to dream.

The goals and affirmations you focus on tell your subconscious mind what you want to have in your future. While the pragmatic numbers are for the here and now.

So what do positive affirmations actually do?

No one really knows, but if you have ever learned NLP there is a good theory. The theory is simple, you need to get information to your subconscious mind. While having to deal with the bouncer (the conscious mind) who keeps blocking the path. There are a few different ways to deal with the conscious mind.

Affirmations tackle the conscious mind’s attention span. The theory states that if you do something over and over again, the conscious mind will get board of it and stop paying attention. Allowing the subconscious mind to receive the information.

Once in the subconscious, the information allows your brain to focus on the things you want. Did you ever buy a new car or new shoes and then notice how many people just bought the same thing you did? I’m sure you did. This doesn’t mean that everybody is copying you. It means that now your paying attention to that specific item.

Think of all the opportunities passing you by every day. Then think of having a super computer (your subconscious) searching for those opportunities 24/7. I think that only good can come of it. Even if it only pushes you just a little in the right direction, it’s a well spent part of your day.

Dose it work?

it’s hard to say, no one has proved or disproved it (to my knowledge). Having said that, what’s the worst that can happen? You lost five minutes a day? Come on, your dreams are worth five minutes at least.

There are people that say this practice works for them, and there are those who say it doesn’t (or at least not yet). I think it’s worth taking the time, just to help your brain focus on what you want. So you don’t miss any opportunities.


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