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Just stop talking

Sales is an art, you have to get a feel for the clients triggers. And to know when you have set them off. One problem beginners have is that they don’t know how to read the client.

During the sale process the clients gives you hints to where he is clod or hot. All you have to do is get him to the points everything clicks then just leave him alone to close himself.

The is so much worse when a newbie talks to a client about a big deal, something around the few thousand or more. He gets to excited it’s like the first time he’s getting a girl to sleep with him. Once she’s going with it stop talking.

Sounds funny buts it’s exactly the same thing. We want something so bad that when we get the sign that we got it we still try to oversell it. At this point anything we say might cause the client to rethink his position.

Most of these clues are really clear, just pay attention. If a client says “what do I have to do?” He’s closed. If he says “how much is it?” he’s closed. And if he asks about payments he’s closed. So please just stop talking and take the credit card.


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