For most people the hardest thing is to accept the world the way it is. They wish things were different, easier, and they’re right. But hoping and wishing is not going to change the world. You have to accept the hardships and grow in spite of them.

 This is where the week fail, and the strong survive. Having to explain yourself over and over again, having to deal with people much less intelligent than you are. Having to deal with failure even though it’s rarely the result of you dropping the ball. Most people can’t handle that and just give up.

 Those who succeed are those who can take it. Those who are constantly pushed back despite doing all they can to move forward. Those who believe their competitor is death itself. Those who despite the lack of education seemed to somehow find a way. Those are the people you read about, the ones that have more money and influence then they can possibly take advantage of.

 So yes, Life isn’t fair. Are you going to quit? Or are you going to keep fighting?