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There’s no need for more negativity 

Did you ever notice that the news almost never has anything good to report? The slogan I her repeatedly is “if it bleeds it leads”. Do we really need to hear more about terrorism? Hunger? or the  world economy going to shit? I have better things to do with my time.

Instead of listening to all this negativity, I prefer listening to a Podcast or reading a book. The world really is better than it seems. We have moved from a society That was trained to serve other people. To small one to ten person companies that can rival a juggernaut you hear about The news.

The 30 to 40 year career working for somebody else and not having money to pay the bills, is over. The age of Starting your own business with next to no cost is here. And the future looks even better. It sounds like a sci-fi movie but if you look around you, you will see devices doing most of our repetitive tasks for us.

The smart phone in our pocket can act as a super computer. I don’t even have to type to print my articles for this site. I simply speak to my computer and it writes everything down for me. We hear of breakthroughs in robotics, that will free up time to a  point where we will have to be creative. There will just be nothing else to do.

All this progress will lead us to a new world. A world in which we will get paid to do what we love. You could spend your time writing, dancing, cooking, it doesn’t really matter your gifts will pay the bills.

So next time you think of listening to the news, put that remote down and pick up a book.


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