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What is your comfort zone? 

Your comfort zone is basically, your life as you know it. Your friends, family and habits. Every now and then something happens that forces you to change. That is considered stepping out of your comfort zone.

It’s hard and uncomfortable, it’s also your only way to grow. Your only way to get used to doing new things. Now your comfort zone has grown.

People talk about their comfort zone all the time. And how living in it keeps you from progressing. And while that is true, you have to get back to your comfort zone from time to time.

 Your comfort zone is essentially who you are. When you live outside your comfort zone you become someone else for a short time. Unless your out there too long. Think of a soldier going to war, there are very few people who feel comfortable in combat.

 That soldier was a husband, father, and he was used to his job. Now he has another job keeping his family safe. And while he will do that without a second thought, it takes it’s tole on him. He has been away from the life he knows, now he’s someone else.

 This experience is not limited to soldiers, it happens all around you. Someone living in a financially unstable situation, someone going through a divorce, or someone who just snaps at everyone around him.

 If your in the middle of it, it’s harder for you to notice it. But if you start hearing people saying things like, “your not the tom I knew”. Or you’ve changed for the worse. Stop and think, what has changed? Are you under too much stress? And if so what can you do about it?

 Change is good, but the process is hard. Don’t lose yourself and become a negative person just to change, that would defeat the purpose.


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