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Sell benefits, not features

In your business you’re probably the most knowledgeable person. You know everything about your products and services. There is a lot your clients can learn from you. But do they really want to?

 Napoleon Hill used to say “Focus on what the other guy wants”. Instead of focusing on the technical aspect of what you’re selling. Focus on what the client will get from using it. Instead of selling them a  faster CPU, gigantic screen and the latest in Smart touch technology. Just tell them how easy it would be to use the phone. How fast it will work and how it will never crash.

 If you want to take this further. Find out what your client is looking for and emphasise the feature he will get according to what he needs or wants. In addition you’ll find a few other benefits selling features.

 The client will understand you better, no matter what his level of technical know-how is. And for those clients who need to think about it. You will be the obvious choice because they understood what you said, and it makes sense to them.


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