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Don’t be hard on your team

When you work alone you do things just the way you want. When you have a team working with you nothing goes as planned. The reason for that is the different people think in different ways. That doesn’t make them wrong.

When someone screws up they know they did, they don’t need you to remind them. And reminding them does nothing more then make them feel bad. It won’t change the face that a mistake has been made.

Try to reverse your approach. Never point out when someone has does something wrong, but always point out when they did something right. You will find they they love you for it and that’s the game changer.

You will find that your team will work harder for you if they care about you. Much harder then they will for an increase in pay.  That doesn’t mean you won’t raise their pay, it just means your going to get a lot more for it.


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