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It’s you job to give service, selling is an outcome

I know you have bills to pay, we all do. And you can still pay then without manipulating people. Getting a client is easy, keeping a clients is where the money is at. Remember you pay a lot of money to get the client in the first place. To keep him all you have to do is give him good service.

When a client is happy there is no reason for him to check out the competitor. I’ll give you and example. For the past ten years I was an apple freak. I would by anything they would offer (within my budget). I didn’t care what the competition was offering. And why was that? Because their products where perfect.

They had no bugs and I would never have to worry about my device crashing. Until they did. There was a patch they released that disabled my keyboard and mouse on the 13″ macbook pro. And after an hour with one of their reps the conclusion was that my keyboard was dead. I went to the version of apple store we have here in Israel and they wanted me to sign up for a two year warranty program to fix the “problem”. The price they asked for was enough to by a new laptop (not an apple laptop but a pc).

Anyway I decided to try one more thing before I gave up. I downloaded Ubuntu and installed it on my macbook, This post is written with my macbook built in keyboard. So it’s not dead. My point is after all that time they lost a loyal customer. They can afford it and most likely not notice, and when you hit it that big you might not care as well. But till you do, make sure every clients gets the service he deserves.


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