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Be the best you can be right now

Releasing your work is hard. Maybe no one will like it, maybe there are more advance players in the game. Well, there usually are. You can’t stop yourself because you’re not the best. Operate from the understanding that there’s always someone better then you, and that’s OK.

You shouldn’t set out to bet the best rather the best you can be right now. What’s the difference? Simple, you’re giving yourself some slack. You’re going to get better way faster if you start. Sure you can keep learning and I would advice you to do so. But not at the expense of trying things out.

When you just learn your understanding is limited. You have no real feel for the actual work. Worrying that there’s someone better then you will keep you from taking your first steps. And you have to take those steps now, tomorrow is too late because tomorrow you would have already lost a day.

And that lost day will result in a shorter reach. You have to start right now so that you can get as far as this life will allow you to get. You owe that to yourself and to the world.


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