People like to say there are too many self help gurus in the word. That it’s all been done in the past and there no more room for new players. Here’s why they are wrong.

Motivation is like a battery, it need to be contently recharged. And no matter how many seminars you go to, or how many you tube videos you watch you always need more. You still have to act on that information, but fueling up your motivation is a must.

As awesome as Tony Robbins is, you need someone close to your level. You can’t possibly understand what he’s going through, you can’t understand the success he’s taking about. Do you really think you understand what 400 million dollars are? You have no clue.

So in a addition to Tony you have to find someone that talks about the things you’re going through right now. In hopes of reaching Tony’s success someday. So do you still think there are too many self help gurus? How many people do you think each one of them can handle? Do you know how many gurus we need to improve eight billion lives? We are seriously understaffed.

So if you want to do something about it. Study your ass off. Learn something that can help the people around you and start gathering followers. You owe it to them.