Sometimes people may give you unwanted advice, advice you didn’t ask for and frankly sounds like they’re not respecting you. Alternatively, sometimes you ask for advice. Usually from people you perceive is higher status in your chosen to field.

Bruce Lee used to say, that you have to be an empty glass to learn something new otherwise you would overflow. When asking for advice we bring up our experience, trying to poke holes in the idea and prove it’s not going to work. Then what’s the point of asking for advice.

When a person takes the time to share his experience with you, it’s not considered rude or just plain stupid to argue with what he has to say. I’m not saying anything you’re told is right, the person could be wrong. The advice he is giving you could be outdated. But the least you can do for yourself if not for the other person is listen to what he has to say.

Another tip I can give you is, instead of looking for where he’s wrong,  try looking for where he might be right.