When we learn something new we all suck at it. The first time you try to bake a cake, rollerblade or talk to a girl (remember how bad we sucked at that one? Well, at least I did). Making money is no different.

Just to be clear I don’t mean getting money into your business. Getting clients is just a grind and the more you do it the more you will have. I’m talking about money you get to keep (a foreign concept for some businesses).

There are way too many variables going into this calculation to cover in this post. My point is you have to get better at each of them to increase your bottom line. What goes to taxes, how much goes to production and ads. But if you view it as a skill you can improve, it’s much more empowering than just saying I suck at making money.

Viewing it as a skill will allow you to break it down and learn how to do it right. No one is born with any set of skills we acquire them. Yeah, some people are born stronger or faster maybe even smarter. But they have to acquire the skills just like the rest of us.

So next time you think you suck at something, think of it as a skill and start improving it.